[mac] Synch Between Apps

Hello all,

I was wondering if there is a way in OS X to get Renoise to synch to another sequencer internally, like Logic. I know it’s possible with other Applications. Numerology (www.five12.com) is a good example: upon start up the program creates two virtual MIDI I/O’s that are visible in other sequencers. I am very much interested in using something like this to be able to record the audio produced by Renoise into Logic via Soundflower. Is there anything like this in the plans for the future in Renoise?

I guess ReWire implementation would eliminate the need to use other utilities to accomplish this, but I know it’s already been brought up in other topics so…

All the best :)

have you tried MidiPipe?

MidiPipe, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

i think you wanna just install the iac driver…it comes standard with osX…just do a search on your hard disk for IAC

also, JACK is a good piece of software for sending audio between apps, but it runs really slowly on my 800mhz g4. maybe will be better on g5 or some of the newer g4’s.