Mac User And Vst Plugins

Hello everyone. I am a new Renoise user, but a long time Tracker. I have recently switched over my hardware to Mac and I have decided to give Renoise a go as my main software DAW on Mac.

Thing is, is that there does not appear to be very many free vst plugins for Mac, and the univeral binary support is also very limited. This basically means that I need to go out and invest in some VST plugins to use with Renoise. I was wondering if somone could give me some suggestions on some affordable commercial plugins to purchase for Mac to use in Renoise. Are there any out there that specifically have compatability issues with Renoise?

When I was a Windows Tracker I used primarily Buzz Tracker, and relied almost exculsively on the Buzzmachines along with some choice free VSTs such as Synth1, and Crystal, so I am not sure what is really out there for Mac vst plugins. Now I dont really want to go dropping $100+ on just a VSt plugin, so if there are any “best bang for your buck” ones out there that would cover the general bread and butter sounds that would be great.

I know Crystal is a free UB download so I will definitely be getting that, but if there are any other good suggestions I am all ears.


Here you can filter for universal binary support (and loads of other things):

I’ve got a ReFX Vanguard. It seems to run really nice with Renoise. Although I’m running on a PPC-Mac so I don’t know how it works with Intel-Macs. Try the demo if you’re interested.

Here’s some freebies too:

Free VST plug-ins for Mac…T/platform/mac/

And free VST instruments for Mac…T/platform/mac/