Mac Version

so any news about it? hows developing going?
cant wait…

cant wait…

You will have to :)

The development is progressing, that’s all we can say for now.

Well, Mac-Renoise hasn’t be delayed, since there hasn’t been a release date set… :) or am I wrong??

does it come bundled with a G5?

Yes, and with a bench out of teakwood with the Renoise Logo on it.

about the mac version… we never did promise when it will be available, there is only a “when its done” statement.

although, the mac-team is making great progress. The development did not stall and wont. its just hell of a lot of things to port.

Check out:

Player Pro - the best tracker available on the macintosh platform so far.

Also, within the last few months, it was made into an open source project!

From the FAQ:

Q: Is there a license? A: No. There is no license. The PlayerPRO source code is public domain, and thus you can do with it what you want.

Renoise coders rejoice, free ‘inspiration’.

:lol: :lol: :lol: some kind of noble dongle?

This one is really really ugly. The Mac definitly needs a good tracker :)

The wave preview seems like a cool feature… would be nice to see it in action though.

A question to the developers I’ve been thinking about: How will development between Windows & Mac be handled? I mean will everything be so portable you just can throw in new Windows features into the Mac version and vice versa? Or will they lead up to two different apps in the long run? It seems like a big maintenance problem to me…

taktik and blackis are working on a common api. renoise is beeing refactored all the time, to create abstraction layers between the components and libraries.

so, once this is done carefully, a new feature implemented using that api should compile out of the box on both platforms.

just look at renoise :) do you see something windowslike there ?

over the time i’ve learned to love the Renoise-UI - but today also i don’t need such a GFX-UI really - and i don’t understand something like a SKIN feature in a proffessional software. (i know i know e.g. Samplitude using a skin feature - but this is functionally: different slider sizes to fit more tracks or button arrangements with different usabillity prio’s etc.)
i know a good design gfx-UI push up the overall look-and-feel and makes a identity … but is this so much important?!
the OSX UI is so nice and the WIN UI is good enough.
it’s like music - good music don’t need a great show with fire and special effects. really good music represent itselfs!
in my opinion it makes no difference to see something like windows or something like MAC OS … Renoise is Renoise coz of the features, not of the UI! :)

But a good tracker needs a good useable GUI at least (good overview, etc.) to bring us the features right to us I think. I agree with that, that a skin-support is not so really important (wheter for windows or mac) but I think a new Interface also shouldn´t kick a user back to protracker times. (Which was in my opinion terribly to use)
The Renoise GUI is fine to me though :)


ahmm… I know “FAQ” :P but will you after the first mac-release trying to port something nice for Linux???

about that gui stuff… if we would use os-specific gui libraries, it would be hell on earth… errr… hell in the code, to make it portable.

futhermore, there are already some trackers available using windows interface. i could never get used to that ones. i loved protracker interface.

since then, a tracker using os-specific guis doesnt feel like a real tracker. therefore we started our own gui library which is pretty powerfull already. as we wrote that library from the scratch using as less os-specific functions as possible, it its portable quite well.

just imagine porting the MFC to another platform.

anyway. if you want to struggle about “native vs. renoise gui” move on in a new thread. i dont :)

yes, Pulsar … i think its useless to start another new discussion about the gui … Renoise is nice and i’m no coder ;) … only some small things are not so nice and the biggest ugly thing for me is the bitmap-pattern-font (not scaleable etc.)