Mac World Uk Reviews Renoise

BotB is right, that’s elitist allright.

BTW the magazine went on about “trackers” and “heritage” and the sort. It shouldn’t really matter, but I guess the journalist decided to give the story a certain “twist”

Bantai, it’s feedback coming right from an honest to goodness customer. =)

The hex doesn’t work for me, and I’m willing to bet that if you took a sample of “average people” they won’t be comfortable working in hex either.

If you look at the forum for example there was a thread the other day on the joys of custom coded websites. I’m sure you will see a pattern that the Renoise customer base is skewed heavily towards the tech-saavy.

Nothing wrong with that, and it will likely always be that way. If you want to open it up a bit to gain more market share you may want to add interface options that are more easily digestable for non-techies. Truthfully, to get the most out of Renoise, or any music software it takes dedication and time to learn. There is no getting around it. However, trackers are almost like a programming language for music.

Anyways - it’s just some feedback. I really don’t like the hex! Really hoping for a zoom view. Will make it more accessable. My rant is done! =)

its not even really a techy thing, although having a techy background does help.

its more about the preconceived notions of making music on a computer,…meaning, if you have never seen a tracker before, and have never heard of trackers ever ever, then your idea of making music on a pc would primarily be: find tracks, click record, record instrument.

if you sat someone down infront of cubase or logic or any other traditional daw, they immdeiately know, ok tracks go here, app plays left to right, pc make noise, and this is regardless of whether youre recording yourself of loading samples.

its not that obvious on renoise, and while many of renoises customers were trackers before, right now, i think you’re going to start attracting more people who have never heard of trackers let alone seen one. and saddly those first few minutes on the website are when they decide if theyre gonna invest time in this or not.

I think there will be updates to Renoise that will make all this talk pointless anyway
Tracker it may be but i think it will become much much more
And if it stays as reliable as it is now with these additions i think it will gain a lot more users too ;)


Here’s another consideration - have you considered the publication in which it was posted?

MACworld. Again, I’m sure some people could take issue with this, but it’s not meant as a dig - MACS are predominantly and historically used by people who are not so techincal in nature. The entire brand is built around simplicity of interface. So it’s something to consider when reading the review and their comments on the complexity of the software.

Hi Bantai, I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying, and I think it’s a good thing that this review came out. When you do the next major update you should ask them to re-review it.

In particular, (not to flog this) but realize that some people literally have no idea what hex is. That is the biggest initial problem in my opinion.

I see a zoom view that could take up a small amount of screen realestate on the right hand side of the interface (same area of advanced menu). In this box could be a series of sliders for volume, panning and delay (snapable to quantized values if desired) and perhaps a drop down box to choose effects. Every time the user scrolls up or down a line the box is updated to show the values of the selected note. It will help people learn the hex, because if you edit a slider the hex values in the column will change.

I’m no interface designer, so perhaps there are better options, but it gives a much more user friendly way to manipulate note data for any particular line.

The hex is a bogus argument to call Renoise steep, Bantai himself stated somewhere backstage that you don’t need to know hex in order to produce audio with Renoise and in that sense he is right.
A few keyboard shortcuts and being able to load samples and instruments is all it takes.
If you go to the ultimate basics of producing a simple song you can all do without hex, pattern effect commands or even deep graved instrument configuration.
The only thing you need to understand is how many rows you need to keep them apart. In that sense you can configure Renoise to show the pattern lines in decimal values (which it (i believe) does by default)

Is your argument that I don’t find hex confusing? I will win that argument. =)

It was my first comment, it’s also in the subheadline of the article, and my brothers found it confusing when I tried to show them renoise. It’s a valid critisism.

I didn’t say that hex is a bogus argument because only Hektic doesn’t understand it… :P
I also wrote a supported comment of why, which Bantai emphasized some more.

I also find many other things confusing such as relationships, taxes, and how to fix my car if it doesn’t start… Perhaps I’m confused in general. =)

haha! Fixing a car IS Tuff, -and dirty!

Only differences I see with some acknowledgements in this thread is great guitar players are that of a specialist. They specialize in this instrument. They focus completely on it. That could be deemed western philosophy.

With tracking & computer music in general, you look at the whole, much like Eastern philosophy, in essence.

I remember trying to figure out Hex with an Ensoniq SQ-80 in the 90’s. Eventually I figured it out quickly with the help of a friend and was able to use the step sequencer pretty well. With tracking it is similar, get a friend to help.
I learned tracking completely with the help of the renoise 1.28 manual, old ftp pub mods and from asking really dumb questions on this forum.
After that I began helping others, I helped a friend in a different state through chat learn renoise and he makes extraordinary stuff. He goes on to help others use it. So in that respect and many more Tracking is a community effort. It is a great model of how the world could be.

An thankyou guys for having put up with me back then.