MacBook Pro overheating after upgrading to Big Sur

Well, I’m not sure how this works, but disabling Retina HiDPI support results in 41% on Activity Monitor.
Disabling everything you mentioned gets me to 10%. 6% if I limit FPS to 15, but it’s already silly :slight_smile: Nothing changes the internal CPU load much, it’s 1-2%.

Maybe changing the resolution to lower may also help here.

The 6% is what you’d really want to happen, not the 25%.

Is it workable on a lower resolution with a little higher FPS setting (30)?

(I use a 1280x1024 desktop monitor here)

Also, turn on the ToolTips again perhaps because I never get bored of these.

It’s workable already with a different colour profile, thank you, but seems like it’s something for the developers to look into, since other DAWs are fine on the default settings.

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There are upgrades, much, on Mac…
it is difficult to mention each correct setting for the Mac itself that does not show up in Renoise itself…

It seems like

  • disabling the Retina HiDPI support, choosing the sRGB color profile,
  • setting the menu Edit… Preferences… GUI settings to
    • compatible GFX
    • lowering the FPS to 30 or so
  • perhaps also switch to a lower screen resolution

are steps to take on a Mac to make Renoise run with low CPU usage values.

At least you got it down to 6% after having problems.

Happy Renoising!

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