Macintosh Classic Ii

About a year ago I found an old (not working) Macintosh Classic II.
I’m not quite sure why I kept it, but it’s been standing on one of my bookshelfs since then. :P
A few days ago I decided to give it one more try, though. So I plugged it in, and it worked! :D

I’m just a bit curious;

Does anyone here know if there ever was any “music software” for the MCII?
And if so; Is it available online?

Would be awesome to fool around with it! ^_^

Which OS are you running on it? OS 7?

Then you are looking for a music software that could work on OS 7…

I found these two for you:…oovemaker2.html

as I’m not sure which version of mac OS you use, it’s quite difficult to find softwares that will work but you might want to try these… I think they need OS 7.5 or 7.6

Thank you so very much for your reply, JBL! :)

I am indeed running OS 7 (allthough currently 7.0.1, but hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade it).
I’ll be sure to check out the software you suggested! :D

Thanks alot! :)