macOS Catalina Support

This is a disappointing read:

So Apple not only disables 32bit, but also introduces this kind of de facto monopole system (and I really wonder why no EU law is restricting this
), which makes development for macos even more a hassle. But not only development, also the users will be affected heavily, since you will have to update every single audio plugin, too! This not only means you will have to pay a lot of extra money, it also means that you won’t be able to use some of the plugins anymore, because it won’t be updated.

Being a Hackintosh and also “real” Mac user, I wonder if you will be able to disable these notary services within the OS:

If this is possible, I actually would now to recommend this, also on a real Mac. Since then there is a chance to continue to use the “outdated” plugins. As I understand it, you still just will have to disable SIP, because notarisation is based on signing, and if signing is disabled, notarisation can’t be used either.