[macos] Disk Browser Doesn't Show Symbolic Links

Disk Browser doesn’t show symbolic links


If you click on . you’ll see tha name of the alias/symbolic link.
(Personally i’m not a big fan of aliases, i’d rather use the path presets).

Aliases that point to servers/locations/volumes that aren’t available could cause
major hangups/delays. (The Mac OS X Finder is prime example of when aliases can
cause total hangups, click on an alias to a server that isn’t up and prepare to wait for a while…).

I’ve not tried the PC version but i suspect *.lnk (Similar to Mac OS Aliases) are treated as files on the PC aswell.

But i agree, Aliases/Sym-Links should work, but it’s not a ‘major’ bug imho.

clicking on . doesn’t show Finder aliases or ln -s style symbolic links for me. Since it’s part of the filesystem, I would think it would be implemented in Disk Browser? Maybe there’s a reason why it’s not? What if I have symbolic links in my home directory to sample and song etc. directories on other partitions, I have to go find them instead of following the link.


It shows the names for the symbolic link/aliases in the right section in the disk browser as files, not as folders in the left section.

Why not use the ‘path presets’(1,2,3,4) in the Disk Browser.
You can set them individually for songs, samples, instruments
and they default to your ~/ in 1.5rc1.

(First navigate to the location you wan’t to bookmark and then Control/Right click on a number to store the location, recall the location by clicking on the number).

I bet Taktik or someone else at renoise HQ will fix this.