macos: symbolic links no longer supported with 3.1.1?

Hi, I’m ramming my head against this:

I use iCloud Drive to save KeyBindings.xml and Tools. Before you throw a “I can’t understand”, replace iCloud Drive with OneDrive, or DropBox, or Google Drive or whatever. Cloud-based backup of Tools / KeyBindings.

I’ve tried making symbolic links to KeyBindings.xml from

~/Library/Application Support/Renoise/V3.1.1/Library

yet they seem to be ignored (I make the symbolic link while Renoise is closed, then open Renoise, the shortcuts are not updated.)

I copy KeyBindings.xml to that folder (giving up, basically), and seems to work. but that is now a static copy - I need these to be updated from the Cloud.

Now, where is the default location for Renoise Tools though? ~/Documents/Renoise/Tools or some ~/Library?

Basically am trying to figure out how to use iCloud Drive (or Dropbox or whatever) so that Renoise KeyBindings + Tools are always in sync.

How do I do this, please? Does Renoise prefer accessing ~/Documents/Renoise folders? Why am I finding it troublesome to even figure out where KeyBindings.xml is supposed to go? Where are the link / folder details in Renoise Preferences?

And… If I have the Tools in ~/Documents/Renoise/Tools - how come none of the tools show in Renoise?

Usually in ~/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V3.1.1, also the tools.