Made This Lill 1.30 Min Breaker Today…ISHED/ijpko.mp3

i like it, sounds a bitt like afx me thinks specially the ploingy sounds some how :)

plz continue.

big up.


Nice little ditty, that 4/4 “weeee” in my right ear I could go without but otherwise this is a sweet track. I like the break, I like the melody, I like the bassline, I like the abrupt rewind at the end. You are very skilled.

haha kewl, sort of messy spacey breaks with trippy backings…reminded me of how I felt after coming off anaesthetic :)

I like the way this builds, n1

thnx guys for checking out unfinished shit.

Hopefully I have some time this weekend to return the favor and listen to tracks posted in this forum.



Didn’t get a ‘feel’ of this track for some reason, maybe the intro bass put me off, dunno. Liked the bouncy melody tho! :)