Madtracker Gone ?

Did you notice that the madtracker website is gone from the net.

Somebody knows what happened ?


Yeah , curiously is has been down since Renoises 1.9 anouncement. I can’t login in my email account there which I find pretty frustrating!

Does anyone here know yannicks email adres other then his adres?

Last thing I saw over there was that he was looking for coders that want to take part of his unfinished code for Madtracker3, that is now going open source.
But anyway. I could guess that it’s just the servers where he work that are down at the moment. Holidays and stuff, you know… He is also hosting AFAIK.
Don’t know if he got another mail address.
I do have a very old address that got a
No idea if he is using that one anymore (think not).

I was told that Yannick lost his host, so madtracker itself isn’t gone.

“Yannick lost his host”

Hopefully people with email accounts can still get their emails :blush:

edit: from this website:

Last update: 2007-07-26 19:51:51

The website is temporarily offline.
It seems that my previous hoster got hacked and I am checking my server for potential breaches. No data seems lost at all.
Unfortunately, I have to leave for holidays on Friday the 27th. So I won’t be able to put the server back up before mid-August.
In the mean time, I am using a temporary server to host this message and the e-mail accounts that were hosted on my server.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

Stay tuned…

You can still join the #MadTracker chat on EsperNet.


Uhhh… E-Mail passwords?