Magic Fridge…iser+commercial

bud light have always had good commercials :)

Well, another proof that some students are dumber than blondes… not only do they think the fridge is magic, no one is smart enough to figure out how the fridge disappears and re-appears

you do understand that this is TV commercial? :)

What!?, was the re-election of President Bush also just only a movie?

no Vince, that actually did happen… back to reality… :)

Also, what happens with the light in the fridge when you close it? :o

A blonde chick calles to her friend:
“Hei, you have to come here!!! I made such a huge discovery, ohh lord!!”
“What? what happend?”
“You have to see it yourself!!!”
“Ok, ill be there…”
her freind arrives… and blondy turns off the lights…
“You know where the light went?”
Blondy opens the fridge: “Look, here!!!”