MagicMusicVisuals Virtual Midi Controller

Ok so basically i just built controller made for Magic. This panel act just like any midi controller, this can be useful to control magic if you don’t own one OR you want to add more mapped button on your screen. For this i used the incredible “Ctrlr” which you will need to download right there It is actually available for Windows and Mac. It is even available in vst format. so you can automate midi parameters with any daw ! Once installed, Load my controller right there : Then you will need some virtual midi cable, if you don’t already have it installed i suggest you LoopMidi (Windows Only) I know that virtual midi cable exists on mac but i don’t use a mac so maybe someone could suggest a good one in comments.

If you look at the screenshot, There is a ton of label saying : -Enter Text- ! This is made for your personal setup as you can write down what parameter control what you are mapping to magic as a reminder. Just have to double click to enter the edit mode. Of course a patch loader/saver could be amazing and maybe il make it in future version. But before working for nothing i want to see if enough people will use this, so if nobody use it i am going to lose my time elsewhere icon_e_smile.gif. Hope you enjoy !

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