Magix Musicmaker, The Next Stage.

I nearly fainted when I learned this :

Cakewalk Kinetix


I wonder if other ‘pro’ companies will also release similar software…

What’s wrong with it?

I say, there’s a market so why not?

and that’s what scares me most… :(

and people wonder why there’s so much boring electronic music. <_<

aaah! painting by numbers always has it’s limits… don’t you worry, lads…
true craftsmanship will prevail… :D ;)

Yeah, just look at the charts.

Wait a minute


hmm, most chart-music is like ´bubble-gum´…
once the flavour is gone you spit it out and pop a new one in…
like it or not, but this doesn’t mean there’s no craftsmanship behind it, though…
that said, I don’t think users of Magix/Kinetix/whatever will ever top even the lousiest chart but I might be wrong… ( hope not…) :o

What do you mean? Are most hits made with Kinetix, EJay and so on…? I don’t think so.

i think he’s saying that “true craftsmanship” often DOESN’T prevail on the charts. and i think he’s right, :unsure:

…and I agree.

Best music is our electronic underground! :yeah:

I’d guess that’s even more rare than people releasing records based on cheese and biscuit sounds. I believe a lot of the hits today are mostly created by a few
producers (who’re really good at what they do) and only “fronted” by different artists.

Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with making or buying programs for toying
with music without being so damn serious. In fact, I bet we have quite a few
Renoise users who fall in that category.

One side point I would like to remark:

Reading about the release of that program, or the release of any other program of the same kind, one experienced tracker or musician might happen to have words like “Arranger” or “Professional” or “Musical creativity” or “mix” or “Quality”… linked, in his mind, to all another set of ideas. So it happens that you feel slightly concerned because you actually really expect that program to perform according to your idea of “Professional” or “creativity” or “quality” etc…

The product it’s obviously designed for those in search of the “Click here to become a popstar” button. Anyone concerned should remember to judge keeping in mind a more simple vocabulary.

I’m not saying their product has anything wrong. They are probably excellent tools… for starters, that’s it.


;) i take issue with software like this. yeah it’s going to break people into the standard approaches that exist for making electronic music.

i just remember how i got into electronic music. finding the demo scene tendrils off in my local bbs world and tracing it back to digital illusions and ice and acid, future crew and scream tracker and the ansi graphix from def artists in the old school. i wasn’t a part of those “in-peoples”, just a newbie but i was allured by the “Culture”, not by marketing hype that’s enticing me at the prospect of being able to make mu$ic “even if i don’t have a musical background”.

i’m sorry, but I (personally, just me here) feel like this software and programs like it are going to raise a generation of musicians that are missing out on a really important rite of passage and discovery.

I got my first PC in '97, installed a soundcard on it and realized that there was the possibility to make music with a computer - with Magix MusicMaker!
I was writing a post like this yestarday, then I thought 'Oh, people will be like “iuhhh, you used MusicMaker” ’ .
But it’s like that. If you like to make truly music then you are bored after a week or two of those simple programs, like I did. And then you can search for different ones. If I didn’t have MusicMaker, I wouldn’t ever find out that a PC is able to do things like that. Fortunately I searched on, found DMP and later FT2 within a month. I think I’m still thankful for that day which was my first step. See, there are a lot of people who want to make music and think a computer could help them. But then the whole computer world is completely something new and misterious to them. So a simplified way to get started is the best thing for such people. At least for me it was.

Don’t be afraid, I started with Music Maker too.

I have two version, some older one from a magazine and G6 which I bought when I used all the samples from the old one.

Actually I used it long after I discovered other programs as a multitrack mixing application :).

It just bothers me, that Cakewalk known from great professional software decided to release such stuff. It feels a bit like a dishonour. But on second thought - Magix isn’t just known of Music MAker, but also from very good, fully professional DAW called Sequoia…

OK, forget about my previous posts here. I’m not against such programs.