main.lua may be busy or may have stopped responding


I’m not too happy with the build-in xfade-loop function (could we leave why for a later discussion?), so I’m working on a tool for that.

I have a basic version that’s working, basically it’s copying alot of sample data around and fading and mixing stuff. During the process I get a dialog saying “main.lua may be busy or may have stopped responding” and asking me if I want to terminate script. If I answer “no” the script continues and eventually finishes.

The resulting sample is correct, as far as I can tell, at least it sounds like I expected. There are no errors in the terminal window either. Do I have a problem with my code (besides it could be optimized a great deal) and if not, is there a way to tell Renoise, that my tool is not messed up, it just takes a long time to finish?

Yes, use ProcessSlicer.

(or OneShotIdleNotifier)