Maja Goes Anycore - An Experiment After Purchasing New Plugin

Short version previously song, enhanced by ‘glitches’? hm. Feedback will be appreciated ;)

You sure did give it an awesome twist!
Only thing I can say, is that it’s a bit too chaotic (?). I mean, the melody repeats, but the glitch drums don’t. It’s too melodic for a crazy Xanopticon breakcore and has that drum “disorder” at the same time. I could be wrong though. (It’s 1 am i’m tired mastering)

Is it Sugar Bytes?

What is Sugar Bytes?

What are you asking about?

Drums supposed to be beyoend of main melody.

And I am not really into glitchcore and similar stuff - just wanted to express it ;)

Talking about the plugin. :) I thought it’s Effectrix. What plugin is it?

Loomer Sequent.