Major Problem - Currupt Rns File

i went at it last night and finally got a lot of work done on my new track. im a fool so i neglected to save for quite a while, i just plain forgot or maybe i was hypnotised by renoises backup system into thinking i was safe. so im almost ready to save and call it a night when for no reason when im doing some cutting and pasting on a send track renoise crashes and writes about an 800k backup crash file (the full song is over 200 megs) so i knew it was bad. when i load the 800k file sometimes it will load all the pattern information (minus the samples) and sometimes it will just crash renoise. i just need the pattern information so i can copy and paste it back into the last save version of the song

i tried loading the currupt file, copying the pattern information i need, then loading the half finished full song to paste it. but i guess when i load the backup file it buggers up renoise because after that it wont let me load any other songs, unless i close renoise and re-open it (in which case i lose all of my copyed pattern information)

this is frustrating! i dont want to re-do all that work, i was on a roll last nite theres no way i can remember everything i did.

the only other thing i can think of is this “track” option in the diskop, but i cant find any information about it in the help file or what it does??? im hopeing it will let you save a pattern or a tracks information to a file. but i tried it, it saves a .rnt file, then i cant find any way to load the file back again??

please let me know what this “track” option does and if theres any hope for getting my song back. thanks …

I can’t help, but sorry to hear this happened to you mate. Good luck eh.

ok phew… i managed to salvage most of the pattern information using a very wierd method. took me a while to figure out how and do it all but its a relief. thanks for your concern rouncer,

anyway i still am really wondering what the track option in the diskop is for and how to use it, if anyone knows. it would have been really nice to have a pattern export / import option in this situation.

also this goes to show the crash / backup system isnt flawles and to save often! i learnd my lesson at least

Hi desimal,

Please send the corrupt file to me, and I`ll see what I can do to rescue whats left. I know how *#/? it is too loose the work of hours or days, so sorry for the problems.

All I can further do, is analyzing why this happend, and do all that is possible on our side, to make sure that this will never happen again.

Do you have any details about the crash (the root of all the problems) ? What have you done before it crashed ? What VST`s are you using in this song ? Has Renoise crashed under the same circumstances before ?

its ok man i managed to recover most of it with a bit of messing around. you might be intrested to know how … i had to load the currupt file, which put renoise into “bugged out mode” (in other words, it would crash if you did ANYTHING. like adding sample tracks too fast or scrolling off the edge of the last track)

from here i used the 4 clip boards to alt-F4 copy 4 patterns (it wouldnt work if you ctrl-F4 the whole pattern) then i had to either try to load an existing song (which would cause it to fail and become a blank module) or i think zap all in advanced edit did the same thing. then i had to slowly add until it had 39 channels and paste the 4 patterns in. wierd thing is the patterns didnt appear on the track, like i couldnt see any numbers or letters, but when i save the song to a new file and re-load it they would be there. thats the only way i could get them into a non-currupted file. from there i just copy and pasted them to the last save file.

as for how i did it, i wasnt running any VST or VSTI’s at the time. just alot of automation. i was using a couple send channels and i went to copy and paste some automation settings (just cutoff for a LP-48 filter i think) on a send channel from one pattern to another, when i went to paste it crashed and wrote about 800k worth of the song to the backup file before closing.

this is the only time its crashed for me other then when ive tried to load a bad .wav file, thats happend a few times but it always wrote a full backup for that.

another thing ive noticed is sometimes my automation settings for a send channel will just dissapear for no reason. only happens on send channels. duno if its a bug or not. anyway thanks for listning, i cant think of any other program where the author would even care enough to help recover someones data lost in their program. respect