Make an option to change note names to keys on the keyboard

Also I want F,K, 4 and 8 back. Yeah yeah there’s scale import and assignment tools, but I don’t want to see the old relics anymore.

Is it hard just to change the displayed aliases to something else?

Lol, why would you want to do that? I’m honestly curious…

That’s some pretty interesting music, but how would renaming the keys help in composing something like that? Your best option would probably be using a scale mapper tool as you already mentioned.

well, using a fonts edtior, you could swap the letters in the fonts files, which are located in the ./Skins/Fonts subdirectory of your Renoise installation directory.

I know that you could reply “is it so difficult to add an option to do what I ask???”… well, probably not, but your request is so awkward that I think only you would use it so, instead of hoping for the addition of a “Name User” tab in the preferences, it is better that you solve your problem by yourself.

I suspect he is fully aware that his request is very personal, so i think solutions like you contributed would suffice as an answer.

Funny request. The translation from piano keys to pc keys is annoying sometimes, ok. Why not just carry like a LPK with you everywhere? ;D

I do not understand what you’re gonna do with that, unless you want it to like have more workable drumkit mapping in renoise on pc keyboard…

I don’t see how this would even work, since you’re asking for letters from 2 octaves on the keyboard to be applied to all octaves, which is A-G repeated. What happens when you shift keyboard octave up or down an odd number? Now G-5 is on B instead of T. I suppose you could just avoid odd-numbered octave shifts.

Either way, the font-editing idea won’t work for this reason, since you’d only be able to do one octave of letters.

Thanks for the fonts tip, and yeah it’s just an aesthetic thing. If I’m going to play around with microtonal stuff then just for the sake of the “purity” of the interface I don’t want to see Bach’s hairy ass scrolling past me.

I’m sure there’s another maybe 5 people on here who might be interested. I’ll post my results if I get anywhere with the fonts.

Good point, but yeah it’s not a scientific matter, the main purpose is instead of notes to have “something else”. Maybe just repeat the ZXCVBNM row, I’ll see where it goes.


Yea sure, maybe.

Microtonal has no real rules, you can apply any scale to that, might as well use Bach’s ass scale. It’s just a defined range of tones and notes.

I agree with all the comments in the vein of “why would you want to do that?”

Are you using renoise to write music or text?

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! dunno how i missed this :D :D :D

Is this topic real? What is life about?