Make Clone Of Pattern During Playback

I’m going to call that dark-ish square block next to the orderlist “pattern loop”, and hope that we can just proceed from there. There’s a proper name for it but I don’t know it.

If, during playback, or with playback stopped, I press “Insert a clone of the current pattern”, the clone is created, it’ll be numbered 15, but the “pattern loop” is still on pattern 14. Is there any way to move the pattern loop to pattern15 instead of keeping it on the 14?

I guess you are aiming towards the “loop-slot”

Using the phrase “loop” in the Song.API.lua and clicking on the “List” button in PSPAD summarizes me a list of API functions and the transport related loop options are listed like this:

161: -- loops. If starting the rendering process fails (because of file IO errors for  
351: -- Move the block loop one segment forwards, when possible.  
354: -- Move the block loop one segment backwards, when possible.  
405: -- Loop.  
427:, _observable  

In EpicArpeggiator i have been working with sequence_start, sequence_end and sequence_range

Ok, seems like the loop can be moved forwards, thanks!
So… Could, to_sequence_pos)  

and set loop be used to “duplicate” “Clone Pattern” behaviour and to set loop-slot to the cloned copy? :)

I haven’t tried it, the clone range has been added quite late during the 2.6 development.
When i worked with EArp, that function didn’t existed yet so i had to write a function for it to do it manually.
I guess it is simply a matter of test and determine.

Hi Esaruoho,

I’ve been using bystrano’s Auto-clone tool and it would be great to have this functionality there too.

vV, could I use these API commands to write a function/modify the Auto-Clone tool and add this behaviour to that? (beginner question, sorry!)


Same answer remains applicable here:test and determine. I currently haven’t had time to test these functions properly myself.