make renoise interface splitable on 2 screen

because having 2 screen is of course less usefull if my loved software don’t use it :)
what about a short cut (like in fruityloops) to shut down all vst and effect…
have a good day!

still one year to wait!!! arrrg

That is 2.9, 3.0 is released in 2016.

Release it in 2018, I’ll turn 30 in 2018. That would be so awesome.
3.0 to teh 30, YEAH!

Renoise 3.0 will be splitable on THREE SCREENS!

Renoise dev team split up, no more Renoise :(

3 screen only. If you try to run it on a system with more or less monitors all the .xrns files on your hdd will go corrupt.

I heard it will work on nothing but full immersion virtual reality (3D) goggles.

Is this true???
Once I actually buy a piece of software I like, and the team splits? :( :( :(

This whole topic is one giant troll event… what do you suspect yourself?