Make Renoise respect external bpm settings when rendering as ReWire sl

Topic title: Make Renoise respect external bpm settings when rendering as ReWire slave

I have Renoise set up as a ReWire slave in Reaper, and I’m using Reaper to control small BPM changes over the course of my song. It works perfectly when I play the song, whether I start the playback from Renoise or from Reaper.

7573 bpm markers.jpg

The problem is when I render what I have set up in Renoise to disk, the rendered files don’t have the bmp changes I set up in Reaper. (The reason I want to do this so I can bring each individual rendered track into Reaper for mixing.) Is there an easy way to tell Renoise to use the bpm settings from the ReWire master when it’s rendering? Maybe there’s some setting I’m missing?

(A potential workaround I thought about is rewiring the audio from each individual track in Renoise to Reaper and then recording the audio from each track during online playback directly into Reaper; however this is a lot of work to set up - I have over 20 Renoise tracks in this song and would have to route them individually manually - and sometimes it is not even possible to do online recording due to CPU issues of plugins, etc. For this reason I would like to be able to render my tracks offline.)

Any ideas on this one?

Does realtime render mode start the transport of the Rewire Master playing? (Probably not I guess) I don’t think there’s a way to get external transport to send tempo changes when Renoise is rendering.

A simpler workaround than your suggestion is: put matching tempo change commands in Renoise. (Edit: maybe you can export a MIDI from Reaper with the tempo changes embedded and import it to Renosie ?)