Make Renoise The World First Music Instrument To Use This!

That is a pretty sweet gadget! But as a HUI surely Renoise doesn’t really need to do anything and it could be used in any DAW?? Well to an extent at least, emulating a pen and tablet like interface for example. Integrating the SDK and Renoise API so you could make certain gestures control certain things would be another matter altogether though…

now this is a start-up to keep an eye on ;)

This is really cool, but I don’t feel like it has a place with Renoise aside from maybe some control stuff for live use.

I’d love to sound design, and draw melodies/harmonies, with this thing.

hello tendinous inflammations, here I come

The tendons down the back of my left hand have been killing me for a couple of weeks or so now! Anything I can do about it? Apart from cut my hand off…

Mine got really bad a few years back, a time when mouse use was mandatory practically around the clock. (Working & finishing my diploma work).

That is when i switched to an ambidextrous trackball, and learned how to use mouse (to some degree) with my left hand. It was a bitch for a week or so, but it’s now pretty easy to just change hands, and has really helped a lot. (Messes up any keybinding settings anywhere, though). Coincidentally I’m leftsiding right now.

Sooo… basically.

-Cut back on mouse use
-Keep regular breaks. (There are programs such as Workrave for that)
-Switch hands if you can
-Change mouse type

About the LEAP gadget: looks cool, but I’m a bit skeptic. I’m not so worried about tendons, but the need to continuously support arms forward. It seems like totally different set of muscles is needed to interact with the computer. For games & such it could take off, but as a complete ui experience, or any serious work, I’m skeptic.

Yes, it’s easy to imagine some notes being triggered and I’m sure someone has already adapted the leapmotion controller to pull this off.
However, try to play this thing for more than a few minutes and you’ll learn what gorilla arm syndrome means, first-hand.

I guess that, like all gesture based interfaces, it’s a niche technology. Good for a few different purposes, but hardly the “next big thing”.

It’s my left hand that is giving me trouble, I already use the mouse with my right hand…

Not sure if it was RSI or if I strained it lifting heavy boxes (speakers etc) doing parties and things…

you should really call a doctor and let him evaluate your case,the Renoise forum is not the right place where to ask for medical remedies

anyway, also try to realize if your work posture is wrong in some way: even the height of the chair can be a great source of stress for your body, but many other factors are involved

try using castor oil wraps on your wrist/wrists @ night. has to be organic cold pressed castor oil…spread liberally on your wrists and up past the wrists up the forearm a bit. wrap a wool or flannel cloth around it, put on wrist brace. this is not an instant fix, but does work after multiple applications. i am a drummer, programmer and construction worker and castor oil has been my go to for years. though…google this and research it for yourself.

how does one already weird topic that should be in ‘off topic’ change course to rsi so quickly??

This video is better, it show how he is using his small movements of his fingers to do all sorts of things.

Though I also think it might had been better if you could rest your fingers on a surface.
Maybe it would be possible if you put a leaning piece of glass, like a drawingboard above the thing since its using camera
and infrared movements.