Make Right Clicking The Scope Names = Solo + Focus

Whenever I solo a track by right mouse clicking in the scopes, the cursor in the pattern editor doesn’t jump to the solo’d track, instead it stays wherever I last left it :( .

Somehow I expect the cursor to follow in my brain!

I have accidentally added dsp/vsts and than find out I added them to the wrong track, having to move them to the correct track in the mixer. Also having to left mouse click in the particular track, in order to get the cursor there after solo’ing gets tiresome quickly. I guess when you solo a track, you want focus / maybe do some work in there, no?

My requested behavior can be implemented with how the scopes currently operate without interrupting any current behavior by having right clicking the scope names become solo + focus .

And if it wasn’t clear, with focus I mean that the cursor automatically goes into the track you’re solo’ing :).


Of cause! makes sense.

+1 => -1 click


Sorry, but I don’t think this is a good idea at all. :(

It’s simply a false assumption that the user don’t want the cursor to STAY at the current location/track while soloing another track. This is more of a rule for me than an exception: I often solo a track in the pattern but wants to edit/record notes on another (non-soloed) track. So I want the edit cursor to be exactly where I last left it, not automatically jumping away to the track I solo.

This is exactly the kind of “small tweaks” that, if implemented in a non-optional way, would spoil the workflow for seasoned trackers like myself. So please, either let it be configurable in the Preferences menu or keep it as it is!

You are of course right, not everyone has the same workflow, so if implemented, the other alternative should always be present through an option.

I can’t recall the last time I’ve solo’d a channel and worked/editted on another track ‘silently’. Maybe this is something that would fit a live recording workflow where you input notes while the song is playing back?

I always manually step / cursor through patterns and record events that way. Then, often playback what I’ve just programmed in.

Since I usually solo channels that I want to work on and un-mute channels that I’d like to hear beside it for sake of listening, this tweak would help me focus where I’m at in the pattern editor, and save a click.



At the moment left mouse-clicking the track name in a scope automatically transports the cursor to the desired track.

At the moment right mouse-clicking the scope solo’s a track.

Why not simply have ‘right mouse clicking’ the ‘name field’ in the scope window = cursor focus + solo?? :)

Yes, that’s a nice solution indeed.

Apple ’ Solos and just ’ turns them off/on…no need for worrying about mouse/cursor synchronicity when you constantly control the cursor. ;)
EDIT: but i can see how this would be frustrating.

I didn’t notice this, until after I read this yesterday. Only until yesterday did I find myself adjusting the wrong tracks dsp chain, after doing this exact same procedure. :blink:

Probably you have done it before, but never really paid attention and quickly fixed it in the heat of tracking, but now that you have been awakened, can I get a +1 for right clicking the scope names? :)

Hahaha Yes, +1!

Pretty sure I’ve done it before so I’ll give it a +1, either as a toggleable option of just the scope names.


starting to notice this irritation more and more, the cursor in the pattern editor doesn’t jump to the track being solo’d.

Please for a next update look into:

Good idea Jonas. Another +1 here.

Any chance of squeezing this in 2.7?

edit: moderator reading this, please change the title of thread to ‘right mouse click the ‘name field’ in the scope window = cursor focus + solo’ or something better!

never forget


bump for 2.9 :wink:

Last minute RC bump B) ,

please make right-mouse-clicking a tracks name; Solo the track and have the cursor move there too! :yeah: