Make selection that is longer than current Pattern ?

Is it possible to create a Selection that spans more than one pattern? When I try to, it stops me at the border of the pattern the selection was started in. Is this an option anywhere, or just not possible?



It’s not possible.

what are you trying to achieve? maybe there is another way to solve your problem

Is it possible to create a Selection that spans more than one pattern? When I try to, it stops me at the border of the pattern the selection was started in. Is this an option anywhere, or just not possible?



Sorry if I did not quite understand what you mean by selecting.I leave a comment here in case it serves you:

A complete pattern is formed by a whole line of boxes in the matrix editor. A pattern-track, it’s just a box, only…

  1. To select an entire pattern in matrix editor:left click on the first box, and after SHIFT + left click on the last box of the same line.This way you are selecting an entire pattern.With this procedure, you can select track-pattern blocks as you wish, that belong to the same line or to several lines (several patterns).This way you can copy or delete blocks of several boxes as you wish through the editor of arrays.
  2. To selectto multiple patterns (multiple lines) in matrix editor:first, hold SHIFT, do not release it. After left click on the first box on the first pattern. After rotate the mouse wheel to the last pattern if necessary.And after left click on the last box on tle last line (last pattern).Finally release the SHIFT key.You can determine any start block and any end block in the selection.
  3. You can do the same as in points 1 and 2,simply by selecting with the mouse, without using the keyboard.For example, left clickand hold down on the first box of the first pattern,drag to the last desired box and release.
  4. Okay, imagine you want to select track 1 and track 4, without selecting tracks 2 and 3.First select the 4 tracks through the matrix editor.You can then deselect each box by pressing CTRL and left-clicking.

Ok, now you want more precision in the selection that involves several patterns-track, or some piece of them. Then you must use the pattern editor and the mouse.Left click, hold down and drag until you select all the desired block. Also, Renoise has specific keyboard commands for certain types of selections through the pattern editor.

A good habit is to make all the selection operations from top to bottom, from left to right.Use the Matrix Editor to select full pattern-tracks or patterns or tracks, the three. Use the pattern editor for more meticulous selections.

Possibly this is more linked to your question: It is NOT possible to select a track-pattern (or an entire pattern), and then select a consecutive portion of the next track-pattern (or pattern).Here, the only reasonable thing is to select the two consecutive desired patterns and at the end of the copy operation, delete the surplus portion by selecting it through the pattern editor.Keep in mind also that you can duplicate the patterns in the matrix editor and manipulate them separately, and then put them back in place very quickly.In any case, you will have to do several editing operations.

Edit:A good habit is to always edit patterns-tracks as a whole (a box in the editor of arrays) or whole blocks formed by several boxes, but not portions of them along with other whole boxes.

Thanks for the help guys. Raul, I was simply referring to selecting an area in the Pattern Editor with the mouse, to then edit or perform a “render selection to sample” command on.

@oopsfly – the issue was that I wanted to render a long sequence to sample, but the sequence spanned more than one pattern. I had to double the length of the first pattern and copy+paste the data from the second pattern into the first, so that I could then render the entire passage as one sample.

I can live without this functionality, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.



Use “Ctrl Alt J” and “Ctrl Alt K”. J Means Join, K means Cut.

I suppose you can select a block or area in the pattern (several columns in the pattern) and sweat "Render Song to Disk / Selection in Pattern"to create your sample.Regardless of the rendering options, it will not be possible to select a piece of a pattern and another piece of a consecutive pattern. Whenever you select an area within a pattern there will be no problem.

Now, if you want a long sample that is sounding in 2 or more patterns, you can create a new pattern and douplicate the lines, copy the values there and render that one pattern. You have up to 512 lines per pattern. If this is not enough, you can play with the BMP and LPB to play at half the speed and shorten the time of all the notes in half.

Another simple option. Render Song to Disk / Selection in Pattern, from 0 to 1, two patterns (or the corresponding patterns).Then, if the sample has a long silence at the end, shorten it from the sample editor.