Make single sample play mono while the rest poly?

I’m just wondering if it’s possible to make a single sample play mono while the rest in the new instrument play poly? Basically I wanted to make a drum loop in an instrument I was designing, where everything else is polyphonic. So basically there’s a cool pad but behind it a drum loop creeps in. If not, maybe this would be a good idea to add to the sample editor?

beatsync the sample you want to have ‘mono’?

That makes it so that it will play the same all the way up, which is what I wanted, but it doesn’t make it so that it will play monophonic. What I mean, is that when I hit a new key, it shuts off what it was playing before and retriggers. I want to make it so that I can play chords without the loop doubling up in volume. So it basically plays the same all the way through, and only monophonically. It gets annoying that if I’m slightly off in my key presses, that you have the drum loop playing over each other like three times all at varying times. I’m just experimenting and trying to see how far I can take the new instrument editor. It’s like a synth itself! It’s so damn awesome!!

I guess I’m saying I want the Drum loop to regrigger but only the drum loop.

Use new instruments mute groups (for this loop only)? Should work but didn’t check it.

nevermind misunderstood