Make The Grid More Accurate...


use F001/F002 to adjust the speed… Every second lane should have F001 and every second F002 in order this to work. Use an epmty track for this. By doing so the actual song speed becomes 1,5 which equals to 3 or 6, so the BPM remains the same and you have a more accurate pattern and more control over the lengths and note placement.


(the delay note function does not work with this because of the “changing” speed, but in other hand you have a more accurate pattern and you can create the groove yourself by positioning the notes…)



err… this is not really a “trick”, rather a simple way of tracking :)

anyway, I just wanted to add that note delay works a bit differently on ReNoise:
in FT2, using D0x on F0y where x > y does not have any effect, but this is no more true in ReNoise.

Yup… thought this might be useful for some who want to adjust note lenghts more precicely…

ofcourse you can just use F001 or others… the difference is just that f001/f002 keeps the right bpm for the track.