Make 'toggle Record Mode' Midi-mappable

Was just realizing that this is neat when you do a pattern loop and play/record MIDI notes from the keyboard. In my case my MIDI keyboard is behind me, which is not very usefull (small house, no space!). Having a button assignedable on the keyboard that triggers the recoding of the notes will make it usefull.

By default this mode switch is assigned to the ESC-key… (Just realize that I can also play a nice riff, run to the keyboard, hit esc-key and play again… :rolleyes: )

totally with you on this one. there has been pleeenty of times when Iæve really missed this.

MMC-rec/stop/play buttons and renoise should hook up

I think all keyboard short cuts should be midi mappable, then users can decide what to control and not to control with midi. It would be sweet :D Also mute and solo would be nice to have as midi buttons…

There is a feature for this in cubase called punch-in recording. I’ve requested this before. It’s also good for people who can’t play and want to continually record in a loop until they get it right. (Over writing the old notes instead of adding new channels for additional notes as it loops)

Have to agree. This and all other keyboard shortcuts need to be midi mappable for users who want to keep their hands on a midi keyboard or other controller more often. Hardware is just nicer to work with…But that’s just my opinion.