Making a delay that moves to mid for each note individually


I would like to build a delay in which the wet part moves to the middle / spreads / changes stereo width over time. I could emulate this by adding a stereofxafter the delay and control it using key tracker + Lfo or with a signal follower/by volume, but that would only work for a mono instrument.

Instead I wonder if it’s possible to change the feedback signal in the delay, so if the delay limits the stereo width slightly on every delay loop, it would change to mono over time. Is this possible with the r3 multitap delay? I can’t figure out any solution for polyphonic sound.

I could also split into two mono l/r delays and move the pannings.

I think what I am looking for is a delay that takes care of every note individually, so if a note plays and the echos to the middle and next to it another note starts to play, the new one should be more stereo than the note played before. Hm, this doesn’t seem to be possible at all with a delay device, since it’s just one feedback/dela buffer.

Edit: maybe I could do this with phrases that have some kind of pre programmed / fixed “midi echo”?

Oh ok, now I got it: using a multi tap delay with MULTIPLE instances… :slight_smile: Was too lazy for it.

Inspiring. I’ve just tested, you can actually have two identical delays, with one having bigger feedback and the other (or the same) being inverted by a gainer. When both are mixed together, you’ll have a “swelling” echo, because one of the delays will cancel out the other in ratio inverse to the volume difference due to different feedback values. center pan/mono mix this delay, and have a third delay with identical delay values, less feedback and big width on it, and it might result in an echo that starts expanded at the beginning, but gradually fades into a monoized version. Note that fiddling with the feedback values and levels is pretty hard I think. Letting a tap in multitap delay have negative level output or feed to another tap would greatly simplify it. Also you’d need a lot of sends or lanes in the inst.fx for this game, it only works in parallel instead of serial processing. This version of the effect will allow very slow depth changes, and work continually with long feedback trails. Your version incorporated one tap per width value I guess, and chaining delays to make more variated echos possible, if I got it right?

Today is thursday, listen to the tune “thursday”, in the intro, to hear such effect, but I guess dudes just had a delay plugin that’d constantly weaken the side signal in the feedback path…

HeY do you know a plugin that can stereo-manipulate the feedback buffer? Lately searched a while, but didn’t find any good.

No, but there must be some vst or so, as I heard the effect in one or another tune. Or some simple trick those people are using. Another thing that came into my mind yesterday and that’d work more simple than the cancelation with different feedback delays might be just ducking the monoized delay with the output of a widened one with less feedback, I.e. with a signal follower. Or give a shit about the ducking and run 2 delays in their send tracks in parallel, with the widened one being louder and shorter feedback. Analog to this technique I found it gives interesting effects to have the first delay hipassed and the second lowpassed, or similliar stuff, so this works for the ears not just for stereo manipulations.

Yeah your approach with cancellation sounds really interesting. Can you maybe provide some file? But what I am looking for is a most simple solution. Now I do use the multi tap delay with all 4 instances. 1-3 have no feedback and constantly move to the middle, the last one will have some feedback. That sounds quite nice, only it’s very complicated to setup these values. For example if I want to slightly change the target direction of the echo, or the cutoff slope, I have to fiddle around quite a bit. Or I want to change the speed of the delay - a value mess! Maybe a doofer using a formula device would improve workflow highly, but afraid of fine tuning these values as algorithms.

That’s why I am highly looking for a echo/delay vst (mac), that already manipulates the feedback. But I doubt there is any available. Commercial would be fine, too. If I can find a open source vst c++ project from a multi tap delay, I quickly would add some stereo reducer to the feedback buffer by myself. Only found mda delay so far, and it’s parameter are quite unusual and unpractical to me.

Hm, the multi tap delay filter doesn’t seem to sound too good… Hopefully they will add the new filters also to the multi tap device…?