Making A Multisample

i recorded a C and an F# in each octave. problem is, each of them are a separate instrument. how do i go about combining them into one awesome sampled synth.

Can’t you just copy the sample and paste it into a second sample slot, then choose the root keys for each?
I do it for drum kits all the time. Or are you trying to do something different?
I know you can’t really layer samples in the renoise sampler.

You need to put all the samples into one instrument.

There doesn’t appear to be a way to be able to “drag” a sample from one instrument to another.

One way to do this is to save all the one-sample instruments that you have to disc (either as xrni or wav, doesn’t matter really) and then create a new instrument and load in all the individual samples into that one.

Another way is to use the sample editor and “copy” each sample, then on the main instrument make a new empty sample slot, open it in the sample editor and “paste” your sample into this new slot. Either way, you’re going to have to merge them manually for now.

Then assaign the c and f# notes to the right place, remembering to set their root-note.

just drag them out
and then stack them in a new instrument

cause I understand that you have a few samples and you have them
in separate instruments rather than in one. lol thats not a problem.
save the instruments. and then in browser you can click on the little
“plus” icon next to every instrumen name. then there is a drop-down
list of all samples that this instrument contains. Just do it for all the instruments
you got there, and from which you wish to extract those samples, and drag
the samples to new instrument, in a way you would generate a drumkit.

then in instrument editor you have to assign a root key to each sample,
but thats not a problem.