Making Acid Bass

I’ve tried making a bunch of different acid patches but they just don’t sound right. I tried distortion and portamento. They sound okay for normal acid patches, but not like the one in this song:
You can hear it at 0:30 seconds

Any help would be great, yeah…

Sounds like something more than just your basic add bass patch. Anyone have any suggestions about this particular example?

Audiorealism Bassline 2 seems to be the more recommended VSTi for acid sounds.

Very overdriven filter and lots of accents in that example.

Or try Phoscyon, which is on sale currently and available for 30 EUR.

phosycon’s the way… B)

Must be a way to do this natively with a daisy chain of meta-devices, pattern commands and DSP. :)

A note &/or octave-shift device of sorts would come in very handy for doing this. :)