Making metal in renoise

I love making metal in renoise.

No grunting guy?, i can finally understand the lyrics!

the voice kind of sounds like a combination of david byrne, and that guy from fields of nephilim.

maybe bring the ‘riffage section’ forward a bit?

cool guitar ‘vamping/triggering’.

you’ve definitely got your own sound, and it’s cool!

thanks all. needs more glitch from the start in future i think.

Quite creative use of guitar samples. Interesting mix! Did you play those riffs yourself?

I did yes. though i re-sampled and cut-up the riffs and beats. it was quite a conventional rock track really beforehand. so i feel a bit of a charlatan in that the track has to be normal first for the splicing to work.

Haha yes! I love it! Haleluyay!

I was just wanting it to get heavier (for some reason) :yeah: