Making Renoise a Multi-Timral Workstation

One of the applications I’m putting Renoise into is a sound engine for other sequencers.

I have got this working, loading a set of instruments, then going to the MIDI tab in each one and routing it’s own port to listen to.

Works grand.

However, when I load a new instrument, it replaces the old one. BUT OH NO, my midi routings are GONE!

Anybody help me here? Is this a feature, RTFM, or something I’ll have to workaround? I want to setup my ports to trigger from, once, then leave them.

Yes, the MIDI input is stored in the instrument, not the program.

To allow the opposite (MIDI input targeting a specific instrument slot, “whatever might be there”), you could try using a tool such as the Duplex keyboard.

By default, it controls a single instrument. If you want to control many instruments, setting it up is a bit more involved as it’s done via configuration files (for example, the Duplex PadKontrol / Keyboard configuration is targeting 16 different instruments from a single MIDI controller)

Thanks danoise.

So what’s the advantage of the midi input stored with the instrument? I can’t think of one. I’m imagining my JD800 synthesizer changing the port everytime a preset was loaded, it would be maddening.

I see ports as global, not local.

Will check out the tool in the meantime.

Btw: here is another thread discussing that very topic