Making Renoise Start In Desired Samplerate


Is there a way to make Renoise start in other than 22050hz? I always forget to change it and then I have to reload my song because at least some VST envelopes start playing too fast when I put samplerate from 22050hz to 96khz after loadin a song. It’s annoying.

But not in my case. In my case it starts always with 22050hz, at least when I’m using my ASIO drivers.

e: Yes, when using DS drivers it works ok, but when I select ASIO for EWX24/96 then it always starts with 22050hz.

check your EWX control panel … i remember there was a sync setting in the control panel or something like this … maybe it depends on this. i used the EWX years without problems. … or … newest EWX drivers installed?

Yes I got latest drivers and in the control panel there is this lock samplerate button, but that will make the card to work only @ set samplerate, so I rather not use it, unless I really have to of course.

And it seems like I have to if I want solution to the problem.

it’s definately not renoise’s fault, since all my soundcards i used with renoise so far (have been 6 all together, either with Asio4All, KxAsio or E-MU Asio Drivers), remembered the respective frequency correctly each time i restarted renoise (be it 1.2x or 1.5a).
Never used directsound, but as you also already mentioned, it works okay there as well.

No it is not, I almost never have any other audio apps running when starting Renoise, and I can change the samplerate, it just starts at 22050 and then I forget to change that and load the module up. Then I have to load it again 'cause VST’s start sounding different when I increase the samplerate. Also it is really annoying that whenever the samplerate is 22050hz and I load a module less or more or much more noise pours out of my speakers to tear my ears. :angry:

Anyway if I lock the samplerate @ 48khz I am still able to use DS drivers as well, and save CPU cycles big time compared to 96khz, so I’ll propably go that way.

I wonder why it is me who suffers all the weird problems where other people just keep on rokin’. <_< Well, it makes me stronger.

I had exactly the same problem with the same soundcard, and the onyl solution I’ve found is locking the samplerate as you already found out

I think its the EWX. It does the same thing with me when I use ASIO drivers.