Making Soundtracks.....

I was wondering if there was a way to sync up a video to Renoise, so when moving forward or backward in a pattern it reflects in where the video currently is.

Reaper synced with rewire?

I’ve never used either of those yet. Any links to good faq or documentation for the use of those?

Videolan is open source and it kicks ass… I wonder if there would be a way to write a VST interface for it


Reaper looks like an audio program… not a video program…

Am I missing something?

Reaper also supports video.


There’s a very handy VST plug-in (and accompanying Winamp plug-in) called “Winamp Bridge”, made by dmi@smartelectronix. It synchronises the play position in Winamp to the current position within the audio host. Any media file which can be loaded into Winamp can be controlled, whether it’s audio, video, etc.

In order for the plug-in to remain correctly in sync it has to be running constantly, so remember to un-check Auto suspend plugin when silent in Renoise via the plug-in options panel.

The Winamp plug-in is a little bit temperamental at times, so be sure to disable it via the preferences screen in Winamp when not in-use.

Excellent, thanks :)

The KVR Developer Challenge 2006 had a MPEG player VST, not sure how good it works but maybe worth a look.

Just tried this:

Seems to work very well!

Eeeeexcellent :D :D