Manipulating Renoise Song Xml's In Max/msp


was wondering if anyone on this forum has ever tried manipulating Renoise song xml files in Max/Msp. In Max you can open any text file and do all kinds of manipulations with it, then save it back into a text file. I want to create an environment myself in Max to do this, but don’t know where to start…any help is appreciated! :)

Basically you can create your own Renoise scores in Max without manipulating an existing one, just generate events and save them in the correct Renoise scheme format. This is something thats most daunting to me, looking at the schemes in my renoise install folder. I don’t know where to begin…would like to have more info on how the xml scheme order works



hmm, I worked with max, but did not get too far into it, but the possibilities would be immense! Do you think live manipulation would be possible? Is the reason file format that agile?

XRNS files are simply ZIP files with the samples and a XML file embedded to hold the song data. The XML file is a simple textfile, which can be parsed, generated or modfied by whatever you think off, but using an XML parser of some sort would be a lot easier if you want to modify it. For simply generating XML simple text handling capabilities is all one needs if done right. Regarding the live manipulation… you can only generate the data and play it afterwards in Renoise, not both at the same time.