Manual automation parameters finding only?

Let’s say that I want to automate second envelope’s attack in Zebra:

  1. I add instrument automation device

  2. then in that device I click on one of linked plugin’s parameters, menu with all automatable parameters pops up

The problem is, there are gazillion positions in that menu and names don’t tell much - ie. there are so many parameters just named “atk”, going random or remembering which one is which is insane, just testing everything and writing it down for future reference would be an awfully tedious work and the idea that I’d have to routinely do this with every plugin I intend to automate sends chills down my spine :wink:

Kind of lame shortcut with Zebra is to assign parameters to XY pad, but then everything has to be checked by ear to find out which one is which and most synthesizers don’t offer such pads so it’s not a reliable option.

In Ableton for example one or two clicks and everything is set. Is there a way (in pre 3.0 Renoise versions anyway) to detect those parameters so the user doesn’t have to point to them from the list manually?

I’ve made a tiny edit, so that you no longer have to remember the name, just directly assign to the inst. aut. device:

Thanks man! I’ve stumbled upon your plugin yesterday. Without it, I’d be toast :slight_smile: I do not know much about mixing so maybe there are some other contenders but from what I’ve used already I think this is the one area in which Renoise lags the most compared to other DAWs. Thanks again, if I wouldn’t be poor as hell I’d donate for your work!

that’s VV’s tool, like I said I only made a microscopic edit

a lot of simple things in renoise have been implemented via tools