Manual Note Insert (Note Off)


when i installed renoise automatically insert a note off event after each note which i played with my keyboard. since yesterday night session it does not anymore. i must have changed some settings which i don’t remember. can someone please help me, because i don’t want to put in all the note off events manually

thank you

Well you’re other thread already has a link to the only place where you would be able to stop Renoise recording any Note Offs your keyboard is sending.

when i activate record and then press play, the sequence those start to walk trough, when i now press any key on the keyboard it will set the noteoff events as they happen. when i stop playback and go to a step, press any key on the keyboard, the note will be inserted but no noteoff… before it was

now after i have tryed your sugesstion no noteoffs at all will be recorded either in play/rec or manual when stop

Note Offs are never recorded if you’re not in Play mode while Recording Live, how else would Renoise know where to put them?

ok, this makes sense

is there a method to define a notelenght… so renoise nows all next comming notes shlould be 16th for example

Through Scripting/Tools I believe there is (although uncertain for MIDI entry.) Whether anybody has created one yet I don’t know…

Tool for adding Note Offs quickly afterwards:

i went trough the tools :D i think i know which one you mean…

thank you

Surely it’s quite obvious I mean the one my links takes you to, no?