Manual updates for 3.0?

just curious if there’s anywhere i can find (even rudimentary) update of the manual to include the 3.0 stuff? This new update is AMAZING, but the workflow and UI has changed for me so much since 2.8 that I feel I need to read whatever I can to really dig in to the possibilities. if there’s no manual update yet, that’s cool – I’m happy to poke around!

Thanks again to all the devs for such amazing work. I’d be using live 9.1 lately, and I really missed the speedy workflow of renoise - thus I upgraded and decided to stick with renoise, he’s an old friend I can always trust :)

That is quite the idea of Beta:to do the discoveries yourself. Well the real reason is that a lot of things still change during the beta, also graphical layouts so the manual usually gets updated near the end else a lot of sections may have to be redone (or are forgotten to be updated because they contain older stuff from early beta layouts and are overlooked for that).

Thanks Vv, I figured as much. I’ve got a few minor suggestions already, nothing big, I’m VERY impressed with the new version, and I’m with you guys for the long haul! With Renoise I can finish 3 tunes in a day, with Live, maybe 1… that tells me everything!