Mapping Midi Pitch Change On 01xx/02xx

together with Martinal, I’ve thought about this:
why don’t we map the 92 xx00 (midi pitch wheel control) to 01xx/02xx (pitch slide tracking commands)?

the mapping should act this way:
01xx: adds xx to the pitch wheel value in a row
02xx: subtracts xx to the pitch wheel value in a row

initial pitch value: 92 8000 (wheel positioned at center of its extent)
speed: 0F06 (standard speed 6)
commands: 0108 for 4 rows.

0108 adds 08 to the 80 during 06 ticks, i.e. 1.5 for each tick.

final result after 4 rows:
the new pitch wheel value is A0

the great think about this is that this way is undependent from the present 92 xx00 value: 01xx/02xx will add xx to 80 without having to specify the exact value for each row, as you have to do now.

you will also finally forget about the mysterious 92 xx00 stuff, also freeing the pan column.

great, huh?

Sounds great! But how do you reset it back to zero again?

huh, good question :)

the immediate answer would be “by using the appropriate value for 01xx or 02xx” to contrast the previous command, but this would be obviously too complex.

The best solution would be assigning 0100 and 0200 to center wheel

yes please, map all the midi commands as possible to it’s respective tracking commands… especielly the vibrato, if that is possible somehow.

I have been on my knees before about this, but i beg again, it would make midi leads so much easier.

hm. vibrato can perhaps be mapped to the modulate CC.

very wanted :) i’d love to have some more control over midi instruments using the effect column. Great stuff