Mapping Midi To Tempo Only Gets 60 - 187Bpm?

I’m trying to map a midi endless encoder to Renoise global tempo but I’m only getting 60 - 187bpm.

The encoder is assigned to a MIDI CC with a range from 0 to 127.

In the Renoise MIDI Mapping menu, the Transport/Song/BPM [Set] is assigned to the same CC on the same MIDI channel as the encoder. I chose “Absolute 7 bit” for the Map Mode (The other Map Modes don’t see suitable for this). The Min and Max sliders are set at 0% to 100% and it appears the sliders can’t be moved.

I would at least like to get the encoder to reach a higher tempo than 187bpm. I don’t care much about being able to go as low as 60bpm. I’m just not sure how to go about changing this to what I want.

This is easy to hack if you’re using Renoise 2.6. You must find this part in the “GlobalMidiActions.lua” file :

add_action("Transport:Song:BPM [Set]",  
 song().transport.bpm = message_value_with_offset(  
 message, song().transport.bpm, 60, 32, 999)  

This is where the “map knob to bpm” function is set up. If you change the 60 on the fourth line to, say 100, your knob will set bpms from 100 to 227. I don’t think there is a way to do this in older versions of Renoise though.

Thanks for that!
It seems though that it would be better if I didn’t have to edit that file every time I upgrade to a new version just to have that feature. Is this something that could be implemented as some kind of menu option within Renoise, or at least as a installable lua script?