Marijuana, Brain Cell Growth…tnG=Search+News

:blink: Any particular article?

Amsterdam = paradise
(allthough some shithead took my phone there)

Well, the Science Daily article also said:

“But Zhang cautions that HU-210 is only one of many cannabinoids. His previous work with marijuana shows that while the plant may contain medicinal compounds, they come in the same package as those that cause symptoms such as acute memory impairment, addiction, and withdrawal. Also, the HU-210 used in the study is highly purified.”

so you smoke weed?



who doesnt :P

either way we all know smoking weed leads to no good, aside from the great pleasure of the actual weed itself :P But i wouldnt recommend it tho it can lead to far greater things than townfear :D

Yeah, it doesn’t take a genious to see that weed is not good for you… although it has it’s good sides :)

Surely it’s a good thing to have your brain cells and replace the ones that die? That’s part of the cycle of life isn’t it?

Smoking weed surely leads to no good.

Remember when the world was almost taken over by the dark forces of Sauron??

Saruman: “So the ring of power has been found.”

Gandalf: “All these long years, it was in the shire, under my very nose.”

Saruman: “And yet, you did not have the wits to see it! Your love of the halfling’s leaf… has clearly slowed your mind.”

the dose makes the poison B)

It depends how you apply the weed. Smoking it is for sure bad for your lungs.
But then again smoking seems less hazardous to your health as sitting next to a laser-printer in the office everyday. :blink:

The dosis is also part of the deal but this counts for everything in life…:too much of anything is bad for your health.

No. I live in the real world (or at least a fantasy invented by myself, not some dead xenophobe/racist[not that it was uncommon in those times], or even worse the hollywood decimations.)

…or sitting still all day, even without a laser printer. With a bit of aerobic excercise I think you can make up for smoking a few cigarettes.