Markers Instead Of Sample Offset (09Xx)

wouldn’t it be desirable/useful to extend the current 09xx effect and allow adding custom markers in sample editor instead of forcing 256 even ‘chops’? I believe play-from-offset is one of those old-as-trackers features that is sort of a low-level hack. Benefits of allowing custom markers instead of FFh equal sections would be:

  • more precision (I often see drum loops slightly off-beat, neither offset XX nor XX+1 are precise for a long loop)
  • more intuitive for a beginner without a tracker background
  • potential productivity boost (one, for example, can move a marker to a different snare drum beat if the current one doesn’t sound right without having to go through all patterns and updating all offset effects)
  • markers could be immune to sample edition - currently, if I decide to cut even a short part of the sample all offsets have to be updated
  • it feels to be the correct way to implement “play sample from arbitrary point” in 2010

Downsides? Allocating another effect number (are there any free?), updating XRNS format so it stores markers for each sample - this kind of trivial stuff ;). I agree it’s not really essential as the current facility does its job well, but, you know… “nice to have” :)


This is a common request.

Yes, yes… this is the one thing preventing at the moment me from purchasing Renoise.

If I’d like to use my rexed loops (that took quite long to chop) - for example - In Renoise, I’d have to use batch programming to split all those samples into multiple of folders.

Also doing that does not help with quickly checking if the “feel” of the beats fits the song that is being currently made. Allowing for some kind of marker recognization + splitting of the clips to multiple instruments & (for other users who use their loops inside one instrument) to different keys inside the Rni thats been worked on, would be great.

But I guess this is just a minority thing.

Personally I see this as a feature, many people having used trackers, and considering switching back, are after. Another one was the Rewire implementation - which is awesome, but personally I see the ability to work with multiple beatsfilefromats and more freedom to use the 09xx clips in more controlled manner, would be just as important.

+1000 I’d the same thoughts… Very nice!

If you were able to set markers in a sample the max sync of 512 could go way up… :)

Whoops, sorry sheriff! ;) As an excuse - I DID try searching, but I didn’t go as far as May '09.

Anyway - let’s hope now that 2.5 is almost finished markers will make it to the next release.