Markers, Text Notes, Song Comments, Undocumented Features

2.72 Win7

Sorry if I missed something and these features already exist.

I need the ability to add text notes to any line or any beat, similar to how most spreadsheets allow a text comment window that collapses into a small triangle in the corner of a cell. Click the triangle to open, read and edit the window, close it back down into the triangle when done. For those times when I don’t necessarily need the detail of a text note, the ability to place a marker on a line or in a track/beat would be helpful. As it now stands, when I’m in playback listening for what to edit, I must make hand-written notes that reference the confluence of line# and track. It would be much easier to just visually look for a marker or a triangle to know when to stop to edit.

Also, why must the song comments window be so small with a small font size? I understand the need for maximizing real estate on the GUI itself but I can’t think of a reason why the song comment window should not be realizable with a selectable font size.

Finally, a search of the 2.7 user manual produces zero hits for “make unique” and “make block unique.” I must guess at how these function. A search of the forum indicates that a lot of people are confused about sequence numbering, cloning, making unique, etc. For me, the entire sequence cloning and numbering process is so confused I gave up after a full week and instead make all new sequences empty and copy whole patterns into empty sequences using the advanced edit. This works for me since (almost) all my sequences eventually end up unique anyway. But logically, if executing the command “make unique” does in fact makes a sequence unique, wouldn’t that necessitate a mandatory name change?

Example: if I have two clones of “Verse”, both are named identically as “#Verse” when cloned. When I use the “make unique” feature on one of them, both remain named #Verse so logically, the changed one is not yet truly unique until I rename it. Until I rename it there is lingering confusion about which one remains linked to the parent “Verse” and which one is now unique (since I only changed one of the two). Perhaps renaming should be mandatory as part of “make unique” command? I am still guessing as to what is affected by “make block unique.” Makes a selected block of patterns unique? I don’t know.

There are quite a few terms and features that, when searched in the 2.7 manual, return zero hits. or irrelevant hits. In some cases a feature might be obvious but given the confusion already existing with sequencer cloning and numbering, related features like make unique really need to be well-documented. At some point undocumented features stop being features and instead become frustrations.