I would like the ability to go to specific bookmarks/markers. I noticed there’s already an old plugin called “Marks” which will let you assign a marker letter to a sequence/line number etc. I would like the ability to have a list of markers with meaningful descriptions and jump to them - be able to jump to a sequence, track, row number and possibly note column.

It would be good if the marker (or its comments) could be seen somehow from within the track/pattern editor.

In an ideal world I’d be able to configure keyboard shortcuts so I can jump to my many markers at will (e.g. Ctrl-M-1 to jump to my first marker)… and perhaps I’d be able to see where a marker lies within the pattern/sequence editor.

Try this. If you like.

Try this. If you like.

Thanks I will give it a go. I’m also quite keen to have a play with the Lua scripting too. Haven’t started yet-just enabled the script editor last night. Maybe I can load your script and experiment a bit?

I,m an absolute begginer in Lua.
But here in the forum you will find lot of people to help you. Sure.