Mars Wind - She Is A Subwoofer

Can’t believe I didn’t reply to this when it was released! :P

Cool stuff, with “hello” being my definete favourite! I’m pretty damn sure that track should work on some EBM-floor.

My first post on this forum.

First I have to say, Mars Wind is the ‘thing’/band/project that got me into music making.
My account has over more then 200 mars wind plays.
My cubase (haven’t tryed renoise yet) has the QuadraSID vst.
But yeah, still, I can’t make a beautiful “she left me at the beach” song/replica.

I’ve been looking on Illformed to contact you, but it turned out to nothing.

I really really really would like to learn how to make a track like “she left me at the beach” or just get a note from you with a few tips and tricks.

Gosh Mars Wind is great. It means much to me.


RT from Holland

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