Maschine in Renoise

(nyxos) #1


I am absolutely new to renoise - although I used a tracker 20 years ago on an Amiga, I am blown away from the quality and possiblity of this piece of art here…

Since I am also a huge fan of Maschine, I’d really like to integrate NI’s Maschine into Renoise.

When I use it as a plugin I see it’s perfectly synced with Renoise, but I miss the possiblity to trigger Scenes in Maschine through the pattern editor of Renoise.

Instead it plays the Maschine-song along with the Renoise-Song…

For me this is a little tedious to work with, especially since I really can’t edit stuff in Maschine while running as an Renoise-Plugin…

So I’d love to trigger Maschine-Scenes via Renoises pattern editor - is this possible ?

How ?

Would love to get some answers - thanks already!