Maschine Integration (Automation and Plugin Learnng in a Single Track)

Genhinely gone through the Maschine integration questions, this one doesnt seem to have been asked.

I can integrate maschine into renoise as an instrument, with a single note at the beginning making them both sync provided they both have similar pattern lengths but this is what I want to do:

Limit maschine to one track, or if possible, route different channels in maschine to different tracks in renoise and if I can, not need to confuse matters with a single note at the beginning ro whatever.

The issue is that I cannot reliably consider maschine a pre-fader signal so that it can be modified as an instrument (which is what I would like)

Are multiple instances of maschine necessary if I want to have different instruments in difefrent tracks?

If so, how do I prioritise the plugins and necessarily ‘switch’ with the hardware?

Most importantly, how do I automate features of maschine using renoise.
I’ve always been a bit confused about how to record automations from plugin live in renoise (don’t confuse this with being able to find a feature and automate it)

What I would like to do is press play, move things around in mashine and have renoise ‘learn’ those automations. Naturaoly I’d have conflict if those paramaters are automated in maschine, but I wouldn’t make that mistake and frankly, if it is possible it solves every issue in maschine as the automation is so… well… awful. Renoise is way better of course.

Thanks all. Please do not confuse matters with referring to Ableton, I went through all 5 other topics relating to the NI maschine and none of these were solved (i will happily confess to being an idiot if someone can explain to me how)