Mash Up Some Drums: Beatbrawler's Drift

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Yeah! new song’s finished. I find it a fun track but hell I could do a lot better… next time. I guess i’ll read that in ppls reviews. I like the break/buildup but ignore the clipping on the the vox there. :(
This is the second finalmix and second mastered version. so check it out… Keep it on your HD.

Tittle: BeatBrawler’s Drift
Genre: Breakbeat, (easy)Funky Breaks

:( I thought i fixed the flat synth problem… but I still get comments on that part. But that’s good, production quality is improving with every review.

It sweet music dude. You seem to be advancing at very fast rate.
I like how the bass “bounces” at 18 seconds for example :) But there are
many well made little "things about this song. I dont know what to add, it
actually seems quite finished to me :D

hehehehe, nice one man !
though the beats remind me a tad too much of Liam Howlett’s “Girls”

but really dig the atmosphere here … nice 'n mellow, easy on the ears …
indeed, cool funky additions but would’ve liked some more depth, variation,
something to keep the interest chained, y’know.

keep yer stuff up man !
never fix a broken beat