Massive Midi Disruption When Working With External Gear

Ok, so last night I incurred in my first major Renoise show-stopper. I’m on Mac, not Windows, don’t know if this happens on Windows.

I connected an Access Virus Desktop (I’m still on the old A version) to Renoise through my usual midi interface, set-up a midi instrument, created a line-in.
Then I started playing a bit around, triggering notes on the midi keyboard while adjusting the parameters on the synth to look for the sound I want.
As usual, one of the notes “hanged” quite often, forcing me to press stop twice then play again to reset it.
That happens 100% (it used to happen with my previous synth as well) most often the note that hangs is a G.

The new issue is that after a few minutes lots of the synth parametres changed randomly, some even to values that can’t be usually set, giving me error messages.
I thought it was the synht, so I tried to program in Ableton.
After more than one hour of knob twiddling, no issues.
I switch back to Renoise, and there it happens again.

So it looks like Renoise send some random midi messages to the midi out.
Is that possible?

Is there a work-around?
I’d really hate to switch back to Ableton permanently because of this show stopper, but it really gets annoying!

Note, this does not happen on my other hardware synth (DSI Evolver Desktop) but then again, the Evolver only receives sys-ex not CC.
The hanging note did occur anyway.

Very unlikely that Renoise starts sending “random” MIDI data. Are you working with MIDI control devices, maybe linked to LFOs, recorded MIDI CCs and such in this song?

Would be great if you could upload a small example song, showing what exactly you are doing with MIDI. So we get a better hint of what might go on or go wrong here.

Have you connected the MIDI out from the Access Virus to your MIDI-interface as well? Could it be that when you’re tweaking the Virus, you’re sending MIDI-data back to Renoise which is perhaps messed up when merged with the data from the MIDI-controller and then sent back to the Virus?

I wasn’t using any midi control device, as I said, I only created a midi instrument and line in.
I am triggering notes from the midi keyboard while tweaking the sound on the virus.

The virus Midi Out is also connected to the Midi in in my interface, but this works perfectly fine on other software (I tried both Ableton and Reaper), so I excluded something like that.

And the problem with a note holding for no reason happens on another synth as well, again, on Renoise only.

The part related the note hanging is, but the biggest issue is the random cc controls sent to the synth.
I’ll try to investigate the problem with midi monitor and see if I can post the result.

Ah, you misunderstood me. With “MIDI-controller”, I was refering to your MIDI-keyboard. :)

Ok, simply try to disconnect the MIDI-cable between the MIDI OUT on your Access Virus and the MIDI IN on your MIDI-interface and see if the problem goes away in Renoise.

Currently my midi flow is like this:
Akai Lpk25 via USB into Renoise
Renoise to Virus Midi In via USB to Midi adapter
I usually have the midi out of Renoise plugged into the midi in, but even when unplugged, the issue occurs.