Massive performer shapes and LFO device

For preset laziness I would like to “emulate” the single shapes as seen in NI Massive performer on the right:

I’m basically stuck at step 1 (noob), let alone step 2 ^_^

Step 1:

Setting the frequency and envelope length of the LFO tool.
Let’s say I have a ratio of 1/2 in the performer, if a had the same single shape in the LFO, how do I match/calculate the ratio?

Step 2:

Actually emulating the shapes.
What envelope interpolation mode should I use for the more complex shapes?
How do I calculate where to place certain points?

Have you seen this?

Not exactly what you’re asking, but it might be useful.

Thanks! That looks promising. I’m open for any suggestions. I can read LUA so I might look into the code for ideas on generating the shapes.

After some fiddling around with the LFO device and some forum searches, I doubt it would be possible to emulate the complex shapes with the LFO device. Can’t go from zero to max at 1 point.

If you use the maximum length of 1024 and the Points ‘interpolation’, that would give you the best resolution+flexibility I think.

After drawing/generating your envelope, you need to adjust the “frequency” parameter telling the LFO at what speed to complete one cycle (LCP = lines per cycle).